Susan Hess not only rhymes with success, she lives it. Her women’s line of golf apparel is fun, comfy and very stylish. Check out the new Empowered Skort, printed with tiny geometric blocks between rows of elephants, yes elephants. How fun is that? Who doesn’t love elephants?Golftini Girl Elephant Skort Available also in younger Golftini Girl sizes, the navy print on white is versatile for pairing with any white or navy top but perhaps best complemented by the New Sleeveless Zip Tech Polo. The Martini glass with golf ball that is the Golftini logo is stitched on the bottom hem. This classy style is available in navy, white, black, hot pink and royal blue. Wrap it up with the Brand New navy GT Tech Jacket, which has thumbholes – extra fabric optionally pulls down over the sleeve and hooks on the thumb, acting as a fraction of a glove to cover and warm the hand. Whoever originated thumbholes on sleeves was a genius. Whoever subtly implements them in their apparel is also very wise. If you’re warm, just roll the sleeves up. This is a cuddly piece from the “Everybody is Somebody Collection,” launched in July, also available in black, white, and hot pink.

Navy Blue JacketSusan shared, “The inspiration and fun that we had when creating the Everybody is Somebody Collection came from us qualifying our customers. We sat down and came up with names of all the women that buy Golftini.

Empowered [em-pou-er], verb: the means to take more control of your life and become stronger. We purposely picked out this whimsical elephant print because it’s symbolic of strength — a quality all of our amazing Golftini customers possess! We have Courageous (washable faux ultra suede in hot pink) : the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty; to be brave. You will see this promoted in October for Breast Cancer awareness month.”

Mix and match colors and prints provide a wardrobe of options for adult and youth that enhance any Mommy and Me outings. This comes from a gal who has three sons helping in the business. Sure, they want their own line and yes it is a consideration, but first Susan wanted to nail the female side of design and she has, again. Raise your glass to the Golftini class act.

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