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Halo Dolly Votive - dolly mama boutique
Halo Dolly Votive - dolly mama boutique
Halo Dolly Votive - dolly mama boutique
Halo Dolly Votive - dolly mama boutique
Halo Dolly Votive - dolly mama boutique

Halo Dolly Votives


Our Halo Dolly Votives reflect light, love & gives back to local charities.  Each are hand-blown locally and each is unique.  Stamped with our dolly mama logo and heart on the bottom makes these even more special.

We have selected three local charities that are near and dear to our hearts and donate 10% of Net Proceeds to these important causes. 

Carol Milgard Breast Center

In addition to providing excellent care, the mission of the Carol Milgard Breast Center is to provide sustainable breast health services to all women in our community in a caring environment that fosters confidence, comfort, peace and dignity for each individual. As a non-profit organization, we provide financial assistance to eligible patients so everyone can access essential mammography services, regardless of their financial circumstances.

To ensure that all women have better access to potentially life-saving mammography services, we look for support from individuals and community partners to help us fund outreach efforts and screening mammograms. You can make a difference by providing the financial support to help pay for mammograms and other breast imaging services for women in less fortunate circumstances.

Make a charitable gift online today

FISH Food Bank 

Gig Harbor Peninsula FISH is an independent, autonomous, unaffiliated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization inspired by the biblical FISH international movement and principles of neighbors helping neighbors. It began in 1976 and was incorporated in 1985 by people who believed that neighbors care for one another and that every person in our community is our neighbor. Everyone in the greater Gig Harbor/Key Peninsula area belongs to GHP FISH by nature of contributing food, money, clothing or housewares; by volunteering in some aspect of its operation, or by receiving services.
Visit our YouTube page to learn more about GHP FISH and how we serve the community.


Coffee Oasis 

The Coffee Oasis businesses play a vital role in changing the world for homeless youth. They provide opportunities for youth and gathering places for the community. They also support coffee farm communities by using only Direct Trade beans, which translates into fair wages and community development for the farmers. There’s two main ways the businesses play a role in caring for homeless youth: job internships and coffee roasting. Youth can participate in job internships at the various Coffee Oasis businesses, learning skills and gaining confidence, as they work towards permanent employment. The Coffee Oasis also roasts its own coffee in the Bremerton Burwell Cafe and operates four different business locations. All business proceeds support the Oasis Youth Programs that offer resources like a youth shelter, case management, and youth center. So when you get a latte or a bag of coffee you not only know your coffee is fresh and excellently made, but it’s also making a difference.